Extraordinary Dice

Robert Martin specializes itself in making extraordinary dice. We make original designs and print those designs in high quality on dice. With true passion Robert Martin creates a lot of dice. With over 8 successful dice projects we can guarantee quality.

Jurassic Dice

Two amazing dice with your favorite dinosaur / prehistoric animal on it! Including custom dice bag, dice book and storage box!

Our dice collection


We print our designs on a D6 16mm. We use special production templates to realise identical dice. This way we can guarantee quality to deliver great dice. ​


Every die at Robert Martin is made with true passion for dice. Because of this we only want to sell dice with top quality. After production all dice are carefully checked on any imperfections.


After the dice are manufactured and inspected, then they are ready to be sold! The dice become available in our shop and we also sell them via social media. Our dice can be bought in small quantities but large quantities are also possible.