Jurassic Dice

Two amazing dice with your favorite dinosaur / prehistoric animal on it! Including custom dice bag, dice book and storage box! Jurassic Dice are 16mm white dice with round edges. Our vector designs are printed directly on the dice. Dice only is also available. (Note: Dice images are rendered. Images on the physical dice may be a bit darker)

My whole life I’ve been fascinated by dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. When I was young, I used to have lots of dinosaur toys. This interest stood with me and I still love to gather information and watch movies about dinosaurs.

I wanted to combine my passion for dice with this interest. Making Jurassic Dice! The most beautiful dinosaur/prehistoric animal dice. I made a list of my favorite dinosaurs and prehistoric animals and took it to the digital drawing table. We now have 12 beautiful designs that make Jurassic Dice.

Please note that all animals are designed with entertainment and style as their purpose and are not scientifically correct.

Jurassic Dice Bag

To make sure you can store a lot of dice or take dice elsewhere, we created Jurassic Dice Bag. It's a great quality linen dice bag with the Jurassic Dice logo foil printed on top of it. The size of the dice bag is 90 x 120 mm and can store up to 30 dice!

Jurassic Book

In order to really enjoy the smooth design, it´s important to see it big. Dice are great, but the fine details of a design aren´t shown on dice. Every dinosaur and prehistoric animal also has their own story.

So we created the Jurassic Dice Book. The book is printed in ultra HD so designs really stand out. And we gave every dinosaur and prehistoric animal a background story for you to read. Enjoy the animals and know what you roll with the Jurassic Dice book!

The Jurassic Set